Diversify! Geothermal


The promise of geothermal as an avenue for transition:

Interest in geothermal energy as a strategic diversification that leverages the core competencies of the oil and gas industry has increased significantly over the past year

There are short, mid and long term plays for oil and gas – all scalable. Public and private investment will be required to enable the mid and long term plays. Governments around the world are considering moves currently as part of COVID related stimulus for the oil and gas industry to spur a “boom” in geothermal development

>If you are a member in transition and interested in this space, there are a variety of resources that you can study to learn more about geothermal drilling, where the industry has been, and where it is going. (links)

If you are interested in startups that are currently working on the bleeding edge of geothermal, there are several on my radar who are hiring. (links)

If you have drilling expertise and a competitive spirit, there is a newly launched DOE geothermal prize competition that I’d urge you to participate in. There are $4.65M in cash prizes for winners, and this is an excellent opportunity for oil and gas professionals to practice their craft, leverage their knowledge, learn about geothermal energy, and compete for (large) cash prizes. First deadline for entry is this August 24. (links)

Create opportunity for yourself: this is an area of significant growth and interest in investment circles – for entrepreneurs – consider launching a geothermal startup. You are welcome to use me and my program GEO as a resource.