Geoscience and Related Careers

AAPG has joined SPE in their Members in Transition program or MiT. This is a comprehensive program of information sharing, meetings, mentorship and support. AAPG is in the process of developing a toolbox that contains information on jobs and resources.

Geologists make good employees across many disciplines because they:

  • Are very analytical,
  • Are technologically savvy,
  • Are problem solvers, and spatial thinkers,
  • Embrace all of the sciences and mathematics,
  • Add value and create wealth,
  • Have good communication skills—written and verbal

The purpose of the following list of geoscience and related careers is the identify potential jobs that geoscientists can make immediate applications or can at least train for in the next 1-2 years. The jobs are identified as those in the following areas:

Oil and Gas Opportunities
  • Consultant 
  • Geosteerer 
  • GeoTech 
  • Wellsite Geologist/Mud Logger 
  • Geo Research Analyst/Assistant 
  • Wireline Logger-Operator/Engineer 
  • Field Geologist
  • Technical Sales
Surface/Near Surface Applications
  • Environmental Geoscientist 
  • Hydrogeologist 
  • Engineering Geologist/Geotechnical Engineer 
  • Mining Geologist 
  • GeoAnalytics Scientist 
  • GIS/Geographic Information Services Expert 
  • Remote Sensing Analyst 
  • Automation-Telemetry Technician 
  • IT Analyst 
  • Software Developer 
  • Web Developer 
  • Virtual Meetings Technician 
  • Drone Operator 
Economics / Finance
  • Investment Banking Analyst  (M&A and A&D)
  • Private Equity Partner
  • Forensic Accountant 
Communications, Information and Networking
  • Natural Resources Coordinator 
  • Marketing/Business Analyst 
  • University Student/Researcher/Technician 
  • Researcher University Incubators/Accelerators 
  • National Government (Federal-US) Geoscientist 
  • Regional Government (State-US) Geoscientist 
  • Local Government (City) Geoscientist 
  • Oil and Gas Prospector 
  • Producing Properties Promoter 
  • Mineral Interest/ Royalty Buyer 
  • Land Speculator 
  • Oilfield Chemical Developer 
  • Advanced Technology Promoter 
  • Training Educator 
  • ESG—Environmental, Social, and Governance Expert 
  • CCUS—Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage Geoscientist 
  • Geothermal Scientist 
  • Wind Technician 
  • MicroGeneration Expert 
Geo-Specialty (requires special training and higher degrees)
  • Geophysicist 
  • Geochemist 
  • Petrophysicist 
  • Geomechanics Expert 
  • Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) Geoscientist

The following is a brief summary of each potential job. It is not comprehensive but rather an outline designed to provide information to further evaluate each position. Each job description contains seven sections—1) educational requirements, 2) experience/expertise, 3) professional opportunities, 4) compensation, 5) potential clients, 6) opportunity ratio and 7) examples. Most are self-explanatory.Compensation is very difficult to find so ranges are provided (boe=based on experience). The “Opportunity Ratio” is designed to help interested members understand the status of the industry (new, emerging, expanding, semi-mature, mature) and the job density-opportunity (low, medium, high). The purpose of this ratio is to manage expectations while members are looking for jobs. “Examples” are a snap-shot of available work through employment sites like Indeed, Glassdoor, ZipRecruiter, LinkedIn, etc. It is not extensive and interested members should conduct their own comprehensive search.

Finally many of these proposed opportunities require previous education or new education/training in other fields for employment. Remember “sales” jobs are open in many of these industries. Good luck!