Surface & Mapping How To Videos

"How-to" Videos: Basics and How to Use Certain Software

basic well log interpretation
subsurface mapping: structure maps
subsurface mapping: isopachs
working with production data
finding well logs and using them - Introduction to Well Logs by Fred Schroeder
mapping programs -- an overview
PetroSys (as one example)
using TIBCO Spotfire
production / decline curve software
Rate-Time Decline Curve Analysis: A Step By Step Approach
How to Calculate NPV, IRR & ROI in Excel || Net Present Value || Internal Rate of Return
well planning software
Creating Reserves Reports (Part 1) with PHDWin Software (Petroleum Engineering Tutorial)
Integrated Field Development Planning: A Pore-to-Process Perspective (schlumberger)
2D seismic:using seisware
seismic stratigraphy
seismic attributes (paradise software)
AVO tips and tricks (HampsonRussell)
Fred Schroeder's Petroleum Geology and Geophysics
Lesson 1: Focus of the Petroleum Industry
Lesson 2: Introduction to Play Elements
Lesson 3: Tools of the Industry
Lesson 4: Introduction to Well Logs
Lesson 5: The Seismic Method
Lesson 6: Seismic Reflection
Lesson 7: Source Rocks for Hydrocarbon Generation
Lesson 8: Essential Play Elements - Reservoir rocks
Lesson 9: Structural Analysis and Trap Formation
Lesson 10: Hydrocarbon Seals and Migration
Lesson 11: Basics of Seismic Interpretation
Lesson 12: New Petroleum Ventures
Lesson 13: Prospect Mapping
Lesson 14: Prospect Risking
Lesson 15: well Seismic Tie
Lesson 16: Seismic Acquisition
Lesson 17: Seismic Processing
Lesson 18: 3D Seismic
Lesson 19: Seismic Interpretation
Lesson 20: Stratigraphic Hierarchy
Lesson 22: Thickness Maps
Lesson 21 - Seismic Sequences
Lesson 23: Seismic Facies
Lesson 24 - Seismic Attributes
Lesson 25: Reservoir Quality
Sesson 26: Direct Hydrocarbon Indicators
Session 27: Amplitude vs. Offset
Lesson 28: Time Depth Conversion
Session 29: Seismic Inversion
Session 30: Estimating Ultimate Recovery
Session 31: Development Geology and Geophysics
Lesson 32: Detailed Stratigraphy
Lesson 33: Production Geoscience