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Skills Development

Skills Development
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The AAPG Certificate in GeoAnalytics enables a geoscientist to utilize analytics and technologies to explore for new resources, optimize existing energy resources, capture and manage resource-related data, work with teams across disciplines (engineering, geoscientists, data scientists, financial analysts).
Category 1: Introduction to Analytics / Machine Learning
Category 2 – Data Management for Energy Applications: Data types, management, cleaning, project preparation: Emphasis on hands-on application and projects
Category 3 – Data Tools for Energy Machine Learning: These courses can involve Python, Excel & Visual Basic, C++, Matlab, Jupyter notebook, common applications and algorithms: Emphasis on hands-on application and projects
Category 4 – Data applications: These courses include mapping, petrophysics, predictive operations, geophysics, well planning: Emphasis on hands-on application and projects
Category 5 – New Tools and Technologies: These courses involve working with new technologies and data to solve problems and improve efficiencies. They include the Internet of Things (IoT), surface surveys (drones), sensors (production, etc.), petrophysics, passive seismic, geochemical, etc.: Emphasis on hands-on application and projects
Foundations for Petroleum Geoscientists
The Foundations for Petroleum Geoscientists Certificate enables a geoscientist to demonstrate cross-disciplinary knowledge in areas that are considered foundational for geoscientists working in cross-disciplinary asset teams, or in independent exploration and production.
Category 1: Stratigraphy, Sedimentology, Petroleum Reservoirs
Category 2: Structure, Geomechanics, and Integrated Geophysics
Category 3: Geochemistry, Basin Modeling and Play and Risk Analysis
Category 4: Integrated Engineering (subsurface and surface)
Category 5: Risked Play Segment, Development Planning, and Economic Analysis
Category 6: Integrated Opportunity Analysis, Portfolio Ranking, and Deal Structuring